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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 791 – Immortal Association advise deer
“I am just listed here to speak to your mind, Cang s.h.i.+cai— that could be if he’s still the head manager for this put,” Xian Ni mentioned as he pulled out his authority medallion, alarming the staff member.
“You best talk about yourself, Hantian…” Xian Ni narrowed his view at Xuan Hantian, who immediately described themself.
“A-Another region? How is the fact that achievable with the Jade Sea… Oh, fail to remember it.” Senior Cang shook his travel ahead of maintaining, “At any rate, the foundation of Revival, perfect? Of course, I have it. In the end, it’s one of many huge rewards for this particular year’s tournament.”
“I see…” Su Yang nodded calmly.
“W-How to find you doing below? If I’d well-known it had been you, I would’ve—”
“I am really sorry for this… If I’d recognized concerning this, I wouldn’t have granted it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not being at fault and mostly as he was fearful of Xian Ni.
A while in the future, if they had been outside yet again, Xian Ni stated, “Before I checked out, the Immortal a.s.sociation was in this community and isn’t very far off from this spot therefore we don’t need to use the piloting prize.”
“The Xian Family’s Immortal Medallion!” The worker cried out noisy after discovering this majesty medallion in Xian Ni’s hands and fingers, the way it was some thing merely the emperor, Xian Hantian, and the other other individual would have— the Ancestor of your Xian Household who seems to be also the top skilled in this world!
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Tournament?” Su Yang elevated his eye brows.
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A few minutes after, these were taken to the greatest flooring within the paG.o.da the place where a solitary home existed.
Xian Ni shook his head at this particular, and that he needed one step forward prior to kicking the entrances down and yelling back again, “Who the do you reckon you’re trying to transmit apart, you d.a.m.n aged man!”
“B-But Senior Cang! The attendees are—”
“They’re my friends from another country, and they’re on this page pertaining to something my loved ones given you four years ago— the fundamental of Revival. Do you still have it?” Xian Ni required him.
A matter of minutes afterwards, they emerged before this ma.s.sive paG.o.da which had the phrase ‘Immortal a.s.sociation’ grandly displayed on a great register all four directions.
Xian Ni then flew out, and Su Yang with his fantastic group of people observed him from at the rear of.
“Imagine if I believe that I want the fundamental of Revival— would you like to decline me?” Xian Ni suddenly claimed by having an overbearing strain provided by him.
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Tournament?” Su Yang brought up his eye-brows.
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“I am really sorry for this… If I’d acknowledged relating to this, I wouldn’t have provided it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not liable and mostly while he was scared of Xian Ni.
“W-That happen to be those? They’re giving out a real effective atmosphere! I had never felt everything so intense right before!”
Having said that, Mature Cang shook his brain and claimed, “Though I stands out as the mind manager, I cannot make a real major decision with no Nine Immortal Families’ permission also, since this concept is the thing that retains this location from collapsing.”
“That are they?” Older person Cang checked out Su Yang as well as beauties associated with him with huge eye.
A short while down the road, they were taken to the highest floors within the paG.o.da where the sole place existed.
Someday later, the moment they were definitely outside once again, Xian Ni said, “Before I looked at, the Immortal a.s.sociation was in this town and isn’t very far off because of this place and we don’t need to use the piloting value.”
“A-Ancestor Xian… make sure you don’t make factors hard for me… When have I ever offended you?” Older Cang sighed.
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“Why not?” Su Yang required him with increased eye brows, remaining relaxing.
“Daoist Su Yang, for the reason that competition hasn’t began, we will still question the Immortal a.s.sociation for your Root of Revival.” Xian Ni thought to him afterward.
“Elderly Cang! You might have company!” The worker knocked on the door while shouting.
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“How may the Immortal a.s.sociation assist you nowadays, esteemed visitors?” The staff member into the creating also noticed their tremendous profile and immediately approached them.
“P-Be sure to observe me, Your Majesty!”
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The pedestrians had been immediately fascinated by Xian Ni’s and Su Yang’s unfathomable aura plus the two G.o.ddesses’ peerless charm.
“They’re my buddies from another region, and they’re listed here about anything my family given you four years ago— the fundamental of Revival. Do you still need it?” Xian Ni requested him.
“W-That are those individuals? They’re giving out this kind of powerful atmosphere! We have never sensed nearly anything so unique well before!”
An instant later on, a boisterous voice resounded, “Guests? I don’t remember getting slated visits now! If there’s no visit, I won’t discover them! Send them!”
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“Immortal a.s.sociation? Tournament?” Su Yang increased his eye brows.
“A-Another region? How is potential using the Jade Sea… Oh, ignore it.” Older Cang shook his go right before continuing, “Anyways, the main of Revival, perfect? Without a doubt, I have it. In the end, it’s one of the grand rewards because of this year’s tournament.”
“Great heavens! Check out the two beauties! We have never seen something even half as beautiful as them! They’re real fairies! Actual G.o.ddesses!”
“Nicely, he requirements it, and he’s happy to trade his treasures for doing this.” Xian Ni reported.
“W-Who are people? They’re giving out this kind of impressive atmosphere! I have never experienced nearly anything so serious before!”
“That happen to be they?” Older Cang investigated Su Yang along with the beauties associated with him with huge eyes.

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